Good riddance

Sometimes we stick with people thinking they’re good because we think they are good for us, because we love them.

The more we love them the more we think they are good for us.

It happened many times to me…

But then something happen and they disappear for different reason, after a while you realize they weren’t any good for you, all the bad things become clear as crystal and thinking about how they left you make you think just one thing.

I still miss them tho. Not really them as a person but the idea I had of them.

I just had to get this off my chest, I’ll get back to barely use tumblr again now.

I fucking hate summer.

The heat is unbearable, I feel like melting here.

Kids and teenagers are free to roam and, usually, those who actually roam are incredibly stupid, arrogant and spoiled, I don’t like having them around. 

I sweat a lot, everyone does. A huge amount of sticky, smelly sweat all over the place, it’s filthy.

I feel weakened by the heat and it also cause me to habe headaches. 

Also, the heat make it hard, if not impossible, for me to sleep.

So yeah, I fucking hate summer.







i love these jokes

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Install me windows yo

Few months ago I fixed a laptop with windows in it. I asked the owner if it would be ok to install linux, I explained why it would be better and she accepted.

Yesterday they gave me the same laptop to fix again and they said they wanted windows instead, they made it clear that it had to work with a usb modem, one of those with a mobile connection. I tried to explain I just had to change a few things to make linux work with that too but my efforts were useless.

I ended up installing the damn windows on it and got everything to work, I only needed to install the usb modem program, when I went to do that I realized why they couldn’t make it run on linux: the password on the sim wasn’t even scratched, of course it won’t connect if you don’t give it the pasword for fuck sake.

Anyway, I left a long readme file on the desktop explaining how and why windows is terrible if you don’t understand few basic things and then I explained said things, basically giving a bunch of instruction to reduce the % of chances to get viruses and how to avoid making your windows gettin slower over time.

Since this client is my dad’s collegue (one of them at least) I also made sure to tell my dad how stupid she was, not even checking for the password.

Knowing my dad he’ll make fun of her for a long time.

Obviously work with inverted genders or same genders.

I’m so fucking drunk.

Dinner with Sardinian relatives

Having dinner with your sardinian relatives means that AT LEAST you’re goin to be so full you won’t be able to have breakfast the day after and still they’re gonna try to make you eat more. 

Extra bonus: you might enjoy wine they made themselves to good that you may come back home sort-of-drunk.

Totally unrelated note: If I fucked up grammar or made typos in this post it MIGHT be because I actually did have some wine.

Geek fashion

So I was lurking the Doctor Who subreddit and I found this post titled “Geek Girl fashion is hard to come by so I just decided to make my own TARDIS shoes…

Well of-fucking-course it’s hard, because there isn’t such thing, being a geek isn’t about “fashion”, I HATE how being a nerd is now considered cool, I hate to be the back in my days guy but… Back in my days being a geel was about this love for, well, geeky stuff that mostly caused you being beated up at school by the typical idiot who’s cool and stuff.

Now, apparently, being a geek is about making your own TARDIS shoes, finding cool nerdy clothes and watching sci-fi shows and the big band theory.

I hate how being a geek is now something people do because it’s cool.

I can imagine the “cool girls” when I was in school being geeky for coolness now, and they would think stuff like “Ah yeah, that arkindal guy I went to school with, he kind of looked like a geek but come on, geeks didn’t even exist back then, he was just a loser”.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m goin to do geeky stuff because I actually like it, not because it’s cool.

EDIT: Had a little chat with the person, she actually seem to be the good kind of geek who also happen to have fashion taste, which I lack to be honest so I can’t tell if that’s true. 

So I think that maybe one thing doesn’t exclude the other, but I still don’t like how being geek is now cool and how some people think they’re geek just because they wear geeky clothes.